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Single Point Integrated Invoicing: We have made your monthly billing as simple as one check to each vendor. Because we are auditing all your invoices, our computer system knows what invoices are OK to pay and which ones are not. At the end of each month, we have the ability to print a single invoice statement for each of the service providers you use. This gives you the ability to cut one check per vendor per month. This statement lists all the invoices by invoice number and shows invoice date, invoice amount, disputed amounts and location of the forklift. It also totals all the invoices, giving you the total amount to pay your vendor.

Paperless Digital Monthly Invoicing: LTM will digitize each and every invoice and the accompanying work order we receive. Rather than send the volume of paper back to the client for payment to the service provider, we will post all the “OK to Pay” invoicing on our website within an individual, secure portal for retrieval and downloading by your companies A/P division. We will maintain a digital copy of the file in perpetuity and will maintain the paper invoicing for a 12 month term. Copies can be printed from the retrieved file in your offices upon demand. This will reduce the amount of paper being filed and stored and will also make the payment process easier while creating a more concise accounting trail. These files can be shared throughout the enterprise as needed and stored either via CD, DVD or hard drive. This is an extremely timely, concise, secure and technologically proven means by which to maintain and archive your documents while saving time, space and

Invoice Audits: Work order repairs on forklifts are one of the most misunderstood elements in the cost of your equipment.
Different service providers and different techs are a large part of this confusion. Work actually completed and the work reflected in the invoices you receive do not always equate. Labor times, parts, travel and consumables, to mention a few, are some of the items we pay close attention to when analyzing each repair invoice. LTM is committed to the client, to help unload this weight that falls on your shoulders with each repair. Our years of experience offers you, the client, a secure knowledge that when you pay for a repair, you are paying for what you should. We breakdown the work order and invoice and then analyze each step the tech took. This process helps to identify any billing errors or technician abuse. The end result is that you receive a fare invoice for the work performed. This is but one way in which LTM Services becomes your forklift fleet watchdog and continues to keep your overall equipment costs down.

Warranty Tracking: When was the last time you received a repair bill with “Under Warranty” stamped on the front? Were you aware that each time you have a forklift serviced, that some form of warranty is included with that service? For instance, Eight months ago you had a motor installed on your four year old forklift. Last week the motor simply failed and you receive an invoice for the repair. Because your service provider is not cross-referencing each repair to confirm the warranty status of each unit, they improperly invoice you for what should be an item under warranty. They hope that the tech remembers installing that motor eight months earlier and then notifying them. You, the client, would have to track every repair and also have someone review each invoice and reference those to the history of each unit. LTM Services does this on each and every repair to insure you never pay for something you have already paid for. We also monitor new truck warranties to make sure you do not receive any invoices that should be covered under that truck’s warranty. Said and done, LTM Services stays on top of every warranty that applies to your fleet so that expenditures are fair and accurate.

PM Interval Reviews:  We make sure that your PM intervals are correct based on the manufacturers recommendations. We also insure that your servicing company is completing the PM’s at the correct times. In certain instances, if PM’s are missed and a repair is required, the cost of that repair should not be the responsibility of the customer. LTM will maintain a complete PM schedule for every unit and work directly with your servicing company to keep your fleet maintenance at peek performance.

Cost Per Hour: LTM Services records each invoice and the cost per hour per unit is established and tracked. This unit of measure is extremely important in identifying problems with forklifts, operators or service techs. Cost Per Hour also helps to identify when new equipment purchases might be advantageous, when to replace an existing unit and which forklift company to use.

Repair Completion Time: Many forklift companies talk about their response time, but how many talk about their completion times? This is the time it takes the servicing company to complete the repair in question. LTM Services will monitor each repair and work with the servicing company to improve completion times. This will reduce your equipment downtime drastically.

Contract Maintenance: We review your fleet for any lift trucks that are covered under a contract maintenance agreement. Our complete understanding of these agreements enables us to scrutinize service invoices for improper billing. We review items like wheels, tires and abuse billing, just to name a few, to insure that you are getting the full value from your maintenance program. This scrutiny also insures that all invoices that are not covered under contract maintenance are correct.

Lease Document Management: The LTM role within lease documents falls primarily into the efficiency side of the programs. We review the current leases and then through the cost auditing process determine the efficiencies of the leased hours of usage and the overtime costs incurred. This creates an optimizing of the next round of lease agreements. We will also review percentage rates and overall terms and make negotiating recommendations back you, our client .  Monthly lease payments are audited through LTM to assure single billing each month as well as the documentation of any billed overtime.

New Equipment RFP: After in-depth conversations with you, our client, LTM will research from 3-5 OEM’s and set up formal meetings between our client and each OEM. LTM will then write the formal RFP for the required acquisition and disseminate it to each OEM. LTM will then accept the final bids and after reviewing each will organize the data into a comprehensive, comparable spreadsheet enabling quick and easy assessment to the information. This service not only eliminates the tremendous time factors involved with RFP authoring and submission but also breaks down the large volume of information that typically accompanies this process. Final decisions are always left to our client  as are ALL financial transactions. LTM does not accept any additional remuneration for this service from either the OEM or our client . Maintaining absolute non-bias is imperative.