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Inbound Logistics - THE TIME MACHINE Forklift Utilization - Time is money and in a warehouse the forklift is a time saver and a money guzzler. Companies that pay attention to how they use and maintain their fleets can lift economy and efficiency to new heights.

inbound Logistics - Forklift Fleet Cost Management: It's a Question of Time and Savings.

DC Velocity -  David Maloney, special projects editor from DC Velocity published an article about Lift Truck Fleet Maintenance. He asked a question. "Can you afford to hire someone to manage your lift truck fleet? A better question might be: Can you afford not to?"

High Beam -  Christopher Trunk from High Beam Magazine writes "Get out of the lift truck business: lift truck fleet management services are all about reducing costs and helping you focus attention not on lift trucks, but rather on your own
business.(Fleet Management)"

Logistics Management - Forklift Costs; Get the whole picture. If you're in the Market for forklifts, look beyond the sticker price and consider the total cost of ownership.

Food Logistics - The folks at Food Logistics published an article about LTM’s service offering and spoke to a couple of our clients about the benefits they have seen from our managerial services and the reasons that they are finding LTM to be an
extremely viable and very effective vendor.

Serviceable Equipment Fleet Cost Management White Paper- This white paper will offer you a comprehensive scope of not only the feature benefits to fleet cost management but the returns you and your company can expect from engaging a management firm such as LTM Services.

Battery Maintenance Programs - A very much overlooked and deemphasized aspect of many material handling fleets are the batteries that are required to keep that fleet running at peak efficiency.  Battery health has so many repercussions to the fleet’s costs and effectiveness. Run time is the first aspect that is compromised when a battery fleet is not maintained properly. This of course trickles down to through put and overall warehouse performance.