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Assets With Values - LTM tracks every asset by purchased price and current book value. Providing each client with an up to date inventory when they need it.

Costs By Asset - This report will identify the costs for each lift truck in your fleet. Knowing how much each piece of equipment is costing will help identify which units are running well and which should be retired.

Costs By Tech - This report is designed to identify problems, if any, with the technicians your servicing company is providing you. Many times you have more then one tech working on your equipment. Each tech holds a level of experience and nowledge. Knowing if any one tech is costing you unnecessary money can save you many dollars as well as unit downtime.

Cost Per Hour - Cost Per Hour (CPH) is a way for companies to track costs on each asset by the hour. This is a great way to quickly identify problem assets. Compare your CPH over your fleet or across your locations.

Contract Maintenance Expiration - If your equipment is on a contract maintenance program, we can track the expiration dates of each contract. By integrating our Cost By Asset program, we keep our clients up to date on when these contracts are expiring and if they should be renewed.

Disputed Invoices - Each week LTM sends a report to each service provider with submitted invoices that contained something we are questioning. This gives us the ability to keep track of every dispute or question until resolved by the
service provider.

Equipment Usage - A quarterly report will be provided that will illustrate the utilization of each piece of equipment you have. By having LTM manage your equipment utilization, you will be completely aware if you have too many pieces of equipment or if your operation will benefit from adding units. Either scenario, if not managed, will cost your company money.

PM Report - Did you know that you must maintain every piece of material handling equipment per the manufacturer suggested maintenance schedule? Lack of maintenance not only costs you money to keep equipment running, it can cause
an unsafe work environment for your employees. We will monitor PM intervals and notify you if your service provider is not .

Quarterly Cost Report -  Tracking your costs by quarter will help justify that what LTM is doing for you is working.

Service Completion And Average Days - One of the ways that LTM helps their clients with down time is to monitor each repair completion time. You may have heard the term “Response Time” from your service provider. That is the time it takes to get a tech to your location from the time you call in the service. But tracking response time does not get the unit fixed. By tracking Completion Times, we are able to see how your service provider is doing right down to the tech.

Service Costs By Category - In order to help our clients save money on their fleet costs, the first thing that needs to be looked at is where all the fleet maintenance costs are. Being able to separate Operator Abuse repairs from the total
maintenance costs, we are able to make sure that your operators are handling each piece of equipment in your best interest. In return, that can add to the reduction in your fleet costs.

Service Costs By Repair Codes - Another means to help reduce fleet costs is the ability to track costs by repair codes. This gives us a great view of where each repair dollar is being spent and for what type of repair. An example of this would be if we identify that one of your larger cost are wheels and tires. We can work with your service provider, looking for better compounds that will fit your application. Extending your wheel and tire life will reducing your repair costs and down time of
your fleet. Or perhaps we find that most of your maintenance costs are related to motor repairs. This can be a good indicator that you may have a battery problem.

Service History By Asset - Knowing the service history of your fleet can be a great benefit. From analysing each piece of equipment to see just how often maintenance is required, or to determining when to retire a unit. Having detailed service records on your equipment also helps increase your equipment value if you decide to sell a unit.

Single Point Integrated Invoicing - Looking for a way to reduce the amount of checks your company is writing each month? With our Single Point Integrated Invoicing, we can help.

Lease Expiration - Are you leasing any of your forklifts? We will track your lease equipment and make sure you have sufficient time to make an educated decision on what yu should do before your lease has expired.

Warranty Expiration  - As you know, all forklifts come with a warranty. Do not let your warranty disappear without taking advantage of it. Our reports will inform you prior to the warranty expiration and give you an opportunity to have your forklift inspected for any problems before your warranty is gone.

Parts Usage - A report will be made available to help identify what parts are being used at each of your locations. This could help manage parts inventories and reduce your cost of parts by purchasing bulk items. This will also help reduce downtime
by having the parts you need when a unit requires them.