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Save up to 40% of your total equipment cost, GUARANTEED!

Easy start up, no risk, no long term contracts, just savings and control.

***Electronic Email Invoice Submittal Service***

LTM Services is a fleet cost management consulting firm. Our primaryfocus is identifying unnecessary expenditures and implementing a total costsavings program within your fleet. LTM Services does not repair equipment, wemanage your fleet utilizing an extremely robust proprietary software solutionin tandem with intensely seasoned and experienced analysts. The combination ofthe man-hours expended by your personnel overseeing the fleet maintenance andits related costs, the lost dollars expended on the volume of invoicing errorsthat go undetected, and the overall operating costs of each unit, equate to anunprecedented level of lost proceeds. LTM Services will put these lost proceedsback in your pocket each and every month hereby lowering your overall fleetcosts.  We will show you how to keep your fleet as cost effective andoperationally proficient as is possible. Total fleet cost management at onecentral location.

Well, we have done it. We are the first to move to a totally digital invoice system while still keeping it hands on. That's right, no more paper, faster turn-a-round on invoices, easier access to your invoices while still preserving the great service LTM has provided for the last 9 years.

LTM is proud to release our all digital service. This service starts with the service, parts or rental provider emailing their invoices and backup documentation directly to LTM avoiding the mailing process completely. This allows for a cleaner, faster and more guaranteed way to get your invoices processed and approved for payment.

Then once your invoices are audited and approved, they are digitally emailed to the customer for easy access and payment. No more waiting for the mail to get there or find your invoices were lost somewhere in the postal system.