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Save up to 40% of your total equipment cost, GUARANTEED!

Easy start up, no risk, no long term contracts, just savings and control.

LTM Services is a fleet cost management consulting firm. Our primary focus is identifying unnecessary expenditures and implementing a total cost savings program within your fleet. LTM Services does not repair equipment, we manage your fleet utilizing an extremely robust proprietary software solutionin tandem with intensely seasoned and experienced analysts. The combination of the man-hours expended by your personnel overseeing the fleet maintenance and its related costs, the lost dollars expended on the volume of invoicing errors that go undetected, and the overall operating costs of each unit, equate to an unprecedented level of lost proceeds. LTM Services will put these lost proceeds back in your pocket each and every month hereby lowering your overall fleetcosts.  We will show you how to keep your fleet as cost effective and operationally proficient as is possible. Total fleet cost management at one central location.

Being reactive can be very costly in so many ways. Quality and timely data equates to proactive cost and operational control. Our daily updated enterprise management reporting system provides the data and analytics to provide you the ability to control the costs and operational efficiencies of your MHE fleet from a single, comprehensive data source. The size of the fleet, how many facilities you operate or how many service providers you use make no difference. We can take you through a short and informative review of the system and its feature benefits at your convenience. Gain the control that will enable you to reduce costs, maximize efficiencies and have a complete understanding of your entire fleet. Proactive always outperforms reactive. If you are interested in learning more, please select the Contact button on the left and fill in your contact information and we will setup a short demo and review.